Monday, November 18, 2019

That Intellectual Property Right System. Commercialization of Art Essay

That Intellectual Property Right System. Commercialization of Art - Essay Example Cuban writer, Geraldo Mosquera has addressed the paradox that the globalize vortex of mixing, multiplying appropriation and re-semanticising takes place in a situation when all cultures steal from one another either from dominance or subordinations. (Welchman, 2001). Intellectual property rights system and misappropriation of indigenous knowledge without prior knowledge and consent of indigenous people bring to mind a feeling of anger and a mentality being cheated as also helpless in knowing nothing about intellectual property rights and indigenous knowledge piracy. This is equal to robbing indigenous person of their resources and knowledge through monopoly rights. The intellectual property rights system, mainly favors the industrialized countries in North having enough resources for claiming copyrights, resulting in exploitation and appropriation of hereditary assets, knowledge etc. as also the culture of local people for marketable and commercial purpose. We can also see that Intellectual Property right system ignores the contribution of the indigenous people and do not value the close interrelationship between the indigenous people and their knowledge as also the genetic resources of which the Intellectual property right system is taking advantage, and it is really painful for the original authority as the Intellectual property right system is concerned only with the benefits that they are gaining from the profit-making exploitation of these resources. There is a dire need to protect and safeguard indigenous knowledge today, as also the self determination is important. In Asian regions, many indigenous people have come together now and people have started realizing the importance and the need to protect their indigenous knowledge and culture, and aim towards reclaiming their right to self determination and indigenous knowledge. However, today slowly the indigenous people have started realizing the importance of the issue and have to give importance to the following points regarding activities related to indigenous knowledge and culture: 1) Try to strengthen indigenous people's organizations and communities, which will enable them to collectively address the local concerns related to the indigenous knowledge and the intellectual property rights system. 2) The indigenous people should continue to strengthen their self determinations , as this can help them stand against the threats by intellectual property rights systems on the indigenous knowledge and genetic resources. 3) The level of awareness among the indigenous organizations and communities should be raised more which will help them being more aware about the changing global trends and developments in the Intellectual property rights system as they apply to life forms and indigenous knowledge. (Possey & Dutfield, 1996). "Commodification of art comes under both privileging the exchange value over the work performed by art and of evaluating the importance of the materiality of the art work". "The approach to art which can be developed from Irigarays writing is a result of two factors, one the critique of commodification and of the model of experience based on specularity of male desire, and other side the rethinking of opposition between the sensible and intelligible through poetics of the elements." The

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