Saturday, February 1, 2020

Networking assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Networking - Assignment Example Mary’s and also he is the creator of Lindsay Marketing links. He has also spent almost the first 15 years of his profession in various sales and marketing organization roles through many leading business establishments. Because of the challenging nature of the marketplace management, he likes to attempt something innovative. Networking is the one of the most important aspects that he perceives to be relevant to today’s marketing environment. I understand that the combined efforts of all the areas in the company will help him to attain the organizational aims in an effective way. Networking between Lindsey (marketing), Keith (accounting) and Holly (hospitality) will help to enhance the quality of personal and career development. I also understand that career development is one of the most important things that every person associated with the company must develop. This way, the work one does during study hours help to improve personal and career life. Face to face intera ction, that is interview method and telephonic interview with various people in the company will help me to obtain the immediate feedback. Lindsey, Keith and Holly are different people they handle different department so that personality of these people also different. In order to overcome all the risk associated with the company marketing manager must choose the most appropriate method and also listen other people’s ideas and views this will helps to increase the value of the company. Lindsey has held various positional in the cultural area which have give attention on delivering viewers and media treatment for visual art ,dance, theatre, finally the various festival procedures. Key marketing and various Public Relation abilities consist of: Developing exact, modified marketing movements in the region of a new goods or event. Creating the most excellent and most proper brand name and identity for businesses and/or goods. Receiving the most from actions, partnerships and the media in the course of superior Public Relations. Realizing innovative design resolutions for campaigns and proceedings, helping to attain the most excellent in print, publicity and digital and straight marketing. Interview with Lindsay help me to identify that working with team is much easier in the world of business than the university. Working in group helps to collect and identify the various new ideas from other persons in the group. And most important thing is that due to the emergence of globalization technology has developed a lot, this development of technology made the marketing task more quick and fast. Career development is the one of the thing that must be maintained in order to cope up with the innovative technology. Networking is very important in today’s business world as networking opens the door to knowledge. In the business world there are several issues like communication problems, cross cultural issues, relationship problems to which networking have a sol ution. â€Å"A good networker thinks in terms of systems – they assess the value of a contact in relation to their entire network. A bad networker assesses only the value to themselves† (Marx, 2001, p. 72). Telephonic or face to face interviews are a form of understanding the person’s interest, his aspirations, and his viewpoints on a subject topic. The

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